Data in the KBS LTER core database may not be published without written permission of the lead investigator or project director. These restrictions are intended mainly to preserve the primary investigators’ rights to first publication and to ensure that data users are aware of the limitations that may be associated with any specific data set. These restrictions apply to both the baseline data set and to the data sets associated with specific LTER-supported subprojects. All investigators on-site are expected to release their data to the core database within a reasonable period of time following subproject completion.

Archived LTER samples (e.g. soil and plant collections) are available on a more restrictive basis as a function of the amount of material requested vs. the amount archived and their expected value to the long-term goals of the Project.

Access to data is provided by the KBS LTER Data Manager with oversight provided by the Executive Committee, chaired by the Project Director. Access to sample archives is provided by the Project Director. All publications of KBS data and images must acknowledge KBS LTER support.

Additional Information