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Workshop helps scientists and journalists improve climate change communication

This piece is authored by David Poulson, Associate Director of MSU's Knight School of Environmental Journalism. It was originally published on July 2, 2013 at This workshop was a collaboration between the Knight School, the KBS LTER, and the Society of Environmental Journalists. __ Susan White peered through her Skype hookup in Brooklyn at the journalists and scientists gathered on the other end of the connection in West Michigan. “Can I first say hello to

When I heard the learn’d agronomer: a poem about the KBS LTER

Last week we co-hosted a climate change communication workshop at the KBS LTER with the Society of Environmental Journalists and MSU's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. Bringing together 11 LTER scientists from across the LTER Network and 11 journalists from across the country, we explored ways to enhance communication about climate change. During one of the field tours, Dr. Merryl Alber, Project Director of the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER, was inspired to write the following poem. Dr. Alber is not new to creative writing, having recently published a children's book titled 'And