The KBS LTER Web Site

Baergen, K. and Fox, B.G.

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (1998-07-21 to 1998-07-22 )

The KBS LTER web pages have been housed at a new address ( since their January 1998 move to the NT server. In the past three months (April 1 – June 30, 1998) there have been an average of 43 non-KBS clients per day accessing the web site. Excluding probable search engines, there were 2695 HTML page hits and 126 searchable queries performed during the three month period. Recent additions to the site include the microbial biomass dataset, soil bulk density data, and georeferencing of main site plot locations. Dynamic queries are possible on the newly posted soil moisture and trace gas data. Weather and research protocol sections have been revamped. An expanded Spatial Variability Study section is due soon.Return to Contents

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