Cora, J., F. J. Pierce, B. Basso, and J. T. Ritchie. 1999. Simulation of within field variability of corn yield with CERES-Maize model. Pages 1309-1319 in P. C. Robert, R. H. Rust, and W. E. Larson, eds. Precision Agriculture. ASA-CSSA-SSSA, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The CERES-Maize model was used to estimate the spatial variability in corn (Zea mays L.) yield for 1995 and 1996 using data measured on soil profiles located on a 30.5 m grid within a 3.9 ha field in Michigan. The model was calibrated for one grid profile for the 1995 and then used to simulate corn yield for all grid points for the 2 yrs. For the calibration for 1995, the model predicted corn yield within 2%. For 1995, the model predicted yield variability very well (r² = 0.85), producing similar yield maps with differences generally within ± 300 kg ha⁻¹. For 1996, the model predicted low grain yields (1167 kg ha⁻¹) compared with measured (8928 kg ha⁻¹) because the model does not account for horizontal water movement within the landscape or water contributions from a water table. Under nonlimiting water conditions, the model performed well (average of 8717 vs. 8948 kg ha⁻¹) but under-estimated the measured yield variability

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