Collins, H. P., G. P. Robertson, and M. J. Klug. 1995. The Significance and Regulation of Soil Biodiversity. in H. P. Collins, G. P. Robertson, and M. J. Klug, eds. Kluwer Academic Press, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The proceedings of the International Symposium on Soil Biodiversity are divided into 3 sections: (1) biodiversity and ecosystem processes (3 papers); (2) microbial population dynamics (13 papers); (3) soil faunal relationships (9 papers). Individual papers address the significance of soil biodiversity to biogeochemical cycling mutualism and biodiversity in soils; the detritus food-web and the diversity of soil fauna as indicators of disturbance regimes in agro-ecosystems; patterns and regulation of mycorrhizal plant and fungal diversity; local species diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi; soil microbial diversity and the sustainability of agricultural soils; functional significance of the microbial biomass in organic and conventionally managed soils; fatty acid methyl ester profiles as measures of soil microbial community structure; effects of agricultural management on microorganisms and the biodiversity of soil fauna; divergence of mycorrhizal fungal communities in crop production systems; biodiversity among litter decomposers; role of glutamine synthetase in regulation of nitrogen metabolism in the soil microbial community; facultatively anaerobic cellulolytic fungi from soil; decomposition and nitrogen release from leaves of hardwood species grown under elevated ozone and/or carbon dioxide; interpreting soil ciliate biodiversity; nematode community structure in agricultural fields; relationships between microarthropods, fungi, and their environment; spatial heterogeneity of soil invertebrates and edaphic properties in an old growth forest in Oregon; population dynamics and functional roles of Enchytraeidae in hardwood forest and agricultural ecosystems; influence of earthworms on microfloral and faunal community diversity; earthworm community structure and diversity in Ohio and New Zealand; and leaf litter decomposition and microarthropod abundance along an altitudinal gradient.

Proceedings International Symposium Michigan State University, East Lansing, May 3-6, 1993.

DOI: 10.1007/978-94-011-0479-1

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