Insect Counts via Sticky Traps — GLBRC Biodiversity Experiment

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Insects counts via yellow sticky traps at Michigan Extensive sites of the GLBRC Biofuel Biodiversity Study.

This datatable is part of the Michigan GLBRC Extensive Sites dataset.

The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center’s (GLBRC) Extensive Sites are farm-scale fields located on working farms. Fields of corn, switchgrass, and restored prairie are represented at each of 10 locations in 13 counties in Michigan.


Experiment: GLBRC Biodiversity Experiment
Data available from: June 2008 to August 2009
Dataset: KBS080
Datatable ID: KBS080-001.44
Core Areas Populations,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
sample date date the trap was collected
state state the sample location is in
habitat habitat of the location
name site code that designates the sample location
station sample site within a location
family family name of the insect
genus genus name of the insect
species species name of the insect
common name common name of the insect
code insect code name
count number of insects observed on the sticky card

Data Excerpt

sample_date state habitat name station family genus species common_name code count
2009-08-05 MI Corn CO04 A Coccinellidae Harmonia axyridis Multi-colored Asian ladybird HAAXY 0
2009-08-05 MI Corn CO04 A Coccinellidae Hyperaspis bigeminata HYBIG 0
2009-08-05 MI Corn CO04 A Coccinellidae Hippodamia convergens Convergent lady beetle HICON 0
2009-08-05 MI Corn CO04 A Coccinellidae Coleomegilla maculata Pink ladybug COMEG 0
2009-08-05 MI Corn CO04 A Coccinellidae Cycloneda munda Polished ladybug CYMUN 0
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