Agronomic Soil Chemistry — GLBRC Scale-up Experiment

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Soil samples are taken on a near annual basis (usually after harvest in the fall) for fertilizer recommendations and analysis of pH, lime index, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and cation exchange capacity by an analytical service lab (Michigan State University Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory through 2022). Ten surface cores (0-25 cm) are collected at each sampling station, composited by station, then sieved and air dried before sending out for analysis. Note that these samples may also be analyzed for soil moisture and inorganic N.

This datatable is part of the Soil Properties — KBS GLBRC Scale-up Experiment dataset.

Soil properties of fields at Lux Arbor Reserve (L1-L3) and Marshall Farm (M1-M4) planted to corn (L1, M1), switchgrass (L2, M3), and restored prairie (L3, M2) in 2010 after a 2009 no-till soybean crop in all fields to convert tilled corn-soybean-wheat rotations (AGR) at Lux Arbor and fields in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) at Marshall Farm to no-till bioenergy crops. One field at Marshall Farm (M4) remained as CRP brome grass to serve as a reference. Each field has 10 sampling stations (S1-S10) around which most soil sampling occurs.


Experiment: GLBRC Scale-up Experiment
Data available from: October 2008 to December 2019
Dataset: KBS146
Datatable ID: KBS078-015.19
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
sample date date of sample collection
site experimental location
treatment name treatment description
treatment experimental treatment
station sampling location
campaign type of soil sampling
ph soil pH
lime index indicator of potential acidity
p ppm phosphorus concentration mg/kg
k ppm potassium concentration mg/kg
ca ppm calcium concentration mg/kg
mg ppm magnesium concentration mg/kg
top depth upper soil core depth cm
bottom depth lower soil core depth cm

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Data Excerpt

sample_date site treatment_name treatment station campaign ph lime_index p_ppm k_ppm ca_ppm mg_ppm top_depth bottom_depth
2022-11-29 KBS Marshall Farms CRP-Corn M1 S9 surface sample 6.7 90.0 88.0 600.0 125.0 0 25
2022-11-29 KBS Marshall Farms CRP-Corn M1 S8 surface sample 6.6 26.0 139.0 750.0 135.0 0 25
2022-11-29 KBS Marshall Farms CRP-Corn M1 S7 surface sample 6.8 26.0 112.0 700.0 125.0 0 25
2022-11-29 KBS Marshall Farms CRP-Corn M1 S6 surface sample 6.5 34.0 124.0 750.0 115.0 0 25
2022-11-29 KBS Marshall Farms CRP-Corn M1 S5 surface sample 6.7 19.0 129.0 700.0 155.0 0 25
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