Narrative Agronomic Field Log — Organic Transition Experiment

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A narrative log of the agronomic operations done on the Organic Transition Experiment.

This datatable is part of the Organic Transition Experiment dataset.

The Organic Transitions Experiment investigated the effects of residue quality and termination time of cover crops on nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, N availability, and N mineralization patterns in organic and conventionally managed row-crop systems planted to corn-soybean-wheat rotations


Experiment: Organic Transition Experiment
Data available from: April 2014 to March 2016
Dataset: KBS135
Datatable ID: KBS135-001.3
Repository link:
Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
obs date the observation date
comment the observation. A description of the agronomic activity performed
author the author recording the observation
id the aglog id of the observation. Go to to see more detail about this entry.

Data Excerpt

obs_date comment author id
2022-07-26 spot spray marestail and other weeds on the edges of plots. Josh Dykstra 5529
2022-06-09 This was the first round of split application side dress nitrogen. Josh Dykstra 5487
2016-03-22 Apply 67 lbs N to wheat as urea Josh Dykstra 3562
2016-03-21 plant 12 lbs PLS of clover per acre (16 lbs per acre of pre inoculated seed) Josh Dykstra 3561
2015-08-25 Top weeds. Josh Dykstra 3294
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