Awards for Summer Fellowships for Long-term Ecological Research


  • Willam ‘B.J.’ Baule (GEO) – Field level validation for modeling the effects of precipitation variability on nitrogen loss in agricultural systems
  • Heather Kittredge (IBIO) – Horizontal gene transfer of nitrogen fixation genes
  • Reid Longley (MMG) – Analyzing the soy-associated microbiome and its effect on plant health
  • Andrew Myers (ENT) – The role of ants in monarch butterfly egg and larval survival in grasslands
  • Eeswaran Rasu (PSMS) – Physical controls and stability analysis of soil moisture across different agricultural systems
  • Michael Ryskamp (PLB) – Effects of nitrogen addition on plant-virus interactions in prairie grasses
  • Braeden Van Deynze (AFRE) – Why do farms custom hire for pest control? Pest population dynamics as transaction cost drivers


  • Tyler Hampton (EES) – Revealing a New Mechanism for Hyporheic Denitrification and Greenhouse Gas Production
  • Matthew Houser (SOC) – Farmer fertilizer use and climate change: A social-ecological systems approach
  • Jean René Thélusmond (CEE) – Determining the Potential of Diverse Soil Communities to Metabolize Emerging Environmental Contaminants using Metagenomics
  • Prakash Kumar Jha (PSMS) – Understanding Drivers of Cropping Systems Dynamics in Southwest Michigan
  • Guanyuan Shuai (EES) – Using Radarsat-2 data to quantify the effects of management on spatial variability of crop growth at the LTER and scale-up fields


  • Sydney Ruhala (EES) – Revealing the role of stream-groundwater interactions on watershed carbon processing
  • Riva Denny (SOC) – US Farmers’ Actions and Beliefs Pertaining to Nutrient Management and Climate Change


  • Michelle Quigley (PSMS) – Biogeochemical cycling and microbial community composition in unconsolidated detrital accumulations in shallow aquatic ecosystems
  • Elizabeth Schultheis (PLB) and Melissa Kjelvik (ZOL) – Unearthing scientific stories: Creating Data Nuggets with over 25 years of LTER data to improve K-16 quantitative literacy


  • Dustin Kincaid (ZOL) – Biogeochemical cycling and microbial community composition in unconsolidated detrital accumulations in shallow aquatic ecosystems
  • Brendan O’Neill (PSMS) – An interdisciplinary approach for linking soil agroecosystem functions with farmer decision-making


  • Christina Leshko (SOC)Samantha Noll (PHL)Zachary Piso (PHL), and Ian Werkheiser (PHL) – Recognizing value pluralism among ecosystem services experts and public stakeholders


  • Moslem Ladoni (CSS) – Effects of cover crop on soil carbon sequestration and nitrate levels
  • Lisa Stelzner (PLB) – Phenology, abundance, diversity and arrangement (scattered versus clumped) of forbs in biofuel sites classified as marginal land


  • Nikhil Jaikumar (CSS) – Ecophysiology of perennial grain crops
  • Megan Woltz (ENT) – Effects of landscape characteristics on predatory insect abundance, movement, and resulting biocontrol of crop pests