2013 All Scientist Meeting

The 2013 KBS LTER annual All Scientist Meeting was held at the Kellogg Conference Center at MSU main campus in East Lansing on April 4 and 5, 2013. The focus of the meeting was Science Communication. The keynote address was given by Arthur Lupia from the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.

Overviews and highlights of KBS LTER research were given by key faculty and staff of the KBS LTER.

Breakout working group sessions were hosted by communication advisors who helped the audience to brainstorm creative and effective ways to communicate their science to various stakeholder groups:

Dave Poulson, Director, MSU Knight Center for Environmental Journalism: Interested citizens
Beth Stuever, Team Leader, MSU Agriculture & Natural Resources Communication, and
Nicole Heslip, Agri-News Reporter, Michigan Farm Radio Network: Agricultural community
Hugh McDiarmid Jr., Communications Director, Michigan Environmental Council: Environmental groups
Michael Kovacic, Director of Stakeholder Relations, MSU College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, and
Jeffrey Cobb, Chief of Staff for Michigan Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof.


  • Abraha, M. Dynamics of evapotranspiration over biofuel crops. abstract poster
  • Bahlai, C., M. Colunga-Garcia, S. Gage, and D. Landis. Dynamics, diversity, and biocontrol function of an invaded coccinellid community. abstract poster
  • Dazzo, F.B., J. Liu, C. Gross, C. Reddy, C. Monosmith, N. Philips, C. Radek, ... CMEIAS v3.10: Advanced computational tools of image analysis software designed to strengthen microscopy‐based approaches for understanding microbial ecology. abstract
  • Dickson, T.L. and K.L. Gross. Long-term dynamics of plant species richness due to fertilization are explained by dominance of one functional group. abstract poster
  • Gdanetz, K. and F. Trail The wheat microbiome and Fusarium graminearum abstract poster
  • Gelfand, I. Rewetting of temperate agricultural soils induced large fluxes of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. abstract
  • Gelfand, I., M. Cui, J. Tang , G.P. Robertson. Rewetting of temperate agricultural soils induced large fluxes of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. abstract poster
  • Harris, L. M. and S. M. Swinton. Going once, going twice, bought from the lowest bidder! Using procurement auctions to cost-effectively enhance ecosystem services. abstract poster
  • Kincaid, D.W. and S.K. Hamilton. Effects of simulated drought on surface water chemistry in a through-flow wetland. abstract poster
  • Ladoni, M., S.Kravchenko, J. Munoz and M. Erikson. Interactive effects of agricultural management and topography on soil carbon sequestration. abstract poster
  • Lau, J. The ecology and evolution of species Interactions in changing environments. abstract poster
  • Millar, N. D.G. Baas, S.R. Miller, G.P. Robertson and D.R. Mutch. Nitrous oxide emissions from cover crop systems: Comparisons between conventional and organic management during an establishment phase. abstract poster
  • Mpeketula, P. and S.S. Snapp. Influence of Mycorrhizae on Soil Carbon Accumulation, Soil Aggregation and Water Infiltration along a Management Intensity Gradient. abstract poster
  • Noll, S., Z. Piso, I. Werkheiser, and C. Leshko. Recognizing value pluralism among ecosystem services experts and public stakeholders. abstract poster
  • O’Neill, B., A.S. Grandy, M. McDaniel and T.M. Schmidt. Do litter inputs or the microbial community drive nutrient cycling across a cropping rotational gradient? abstract poster
  • Peralta, A.L. and S.S. Snapp. Exploring the potential for soil carbon sequestration by examining plant-soil-microbial interactions. abstract poster
  • Ruan L., K. Kahmark, and G.P. Robertson. The impacts of changes in snowfall on soil greenhouse gas emissions using an automated chamber system. abstract poster
  • Sippel, S. KBS LTER aerial photos on the web. abstract poster
  • Sprunger, C.D., S.S. Snapp, and S.W. Culman. Implications for Carbon Sequestration: Management on annual and perennial root production. abstract poster
  • Su, Y. The Response of soil respiration to climate across biofuel crops and land use histories. abstract poster
  • Wright, C., E.A. Paul, C.A. Reddy, J.M. Tiedje, F. Trail, and T. M. Schmidt. Community structure of fungi inhabiting select KBS soils. abstract poster


Meeting held on: 2013-04-04

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