2019 All Scientist Meeting and Investigators Field Tour

  • Theme: Mechanisms of Resilience in Agricultural Landscapes
  • When: Thursday September 19 and Friday September 20
  • Where: W.K. Kellogg Biological Station

  • Thanks to everyone who contributed to and attended the 2019 KBS LTER All Scientist Meeting and Investigators Field Tour. It was our best attended meeting for many years with about 110 participants over the two days

    On Thursday, September 19 the program included a plenary session, field visit, discussion groups, and a poster session and buffet dinner reception
    On Friday, September 20 the program included a Keynote seminar and building network presentations and discussion sessions


    Keynote seminar

    Plenary session

    • Neville Millar, LTER Science Coordinator provided an introduction to the event and program overview

    The LTER executive team provided overviews of our integrated research themes on resilience:

    Building across Networks
    Network leaders from the National Science Foundation and United States Department of Agriculture discussed current and future funding, initiatives, and collaborations

    Building Networks at KBS-LTER
    KBS LTER faculty discussed national networks they helped form and coordinate

    Field visit
    A field visit to the Main Cropping System Experiment included wagon rides, lunch, and research presentations, primarily from LTER graduate students, including a number who have received recent LTER Fellowship awards. Research themes covered included prairie strips, drought responses, greenhouse gas exchange, and remote sensing.

    Research opportunities discussion groups
    Attendees participated in break out groups to brain-storm various research initiatives, the results of which will be posted here at a later date and may be used to help inform future work

    • Doug Landis and Braeden Van Deynze: Leveraging experiments (prairie strips)
    • Jen Lau and Jennifer Jones: Leveraging experiments (rainout shelters)
    • Scott Swinton and Lukas Bell-Dereske: New frontiers (plot to field scale studies)
    • Bruno Basso and Ben Tirrell: New frontiers (remote sensing – KBS and beyond)
    • Julie Doll and Craig Kohn: Broader impacts (outreach to engage stakeholders and the public)

    Poster reception
    Posters were presented and discussed during a dinner buffet reception at the Carriage House. Poster presentations will be available here soon.

    Members of our Science Advisory Committee attended the meeting to provide feedback on various aspects of the project:

    If you have any questions, please contact Neville Millar, KBS LTER Science Coordinator.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


    • Allison Zahorec and Doug Landis Agricultural Intensification: Impacts on Microarthropod Communities abstract poster
    • Binod Basyal and Sarah Emery Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi benefit switchgrass growth and root architecture under extreme drought abstract poster
    • Braeden Van Deynze Technology and Trade-Offs in Managed Ecosystems: The Case of Glyphosate-Tolerant Soybeans abstract poster
    • Carissa Gervasi Resilience through the lens of long-term research: a critical assessment of LTER site proposals abstract poster
    • Corinn Rutkoski and Sarah Evans How do prairie strips influence soil health? abstract poster
    • Di Liang and G Philip Robertson Nitrification-Derived Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions from Annual and Perennial Cropping Systems in Southwest Michigan abstract poster
    • Hsun-Yi Hsieh From drone images to pollination services: a case study at KBS Long-term Ecological Research site abstract poster
    • Jennifer Lai Changes in farmer environmental knowledge: influences from information sources abstract poster
    • Jesse Puka-Beals and Greta Gramig Combining Cover Crops, Strip Tillage and Biodegradable Mulches in Carrot Production abstract poster
    • Joe LaRose and Rob Myers Cover Cropping for Wildlife abstract poster
    • Kara Haas Science Education Professional Development abstract poster
    • Lindsey Kemmerling, Sean Griffin, and Nick Haddad Choice of biofuel crop affects yield and pollinator conservation abstract poster
    • Matthew A Belanger The effect of wetting and drying on carbon availability in switchgrass soils abstract poster
    • Pietro Sciusco Spatiotemporal variations of albedo in managed agricultural landscapes: Inferences to global warming impact (GWI) abstract poster
    • Stephanie Clark, Jackson A. Helms IV, Jamie Smith, Kathleen Knupp, Nick M. Ha... Conventional and organic farming methods alter ant activity during the Michigan growing season abstract poster
    • Yahn-Jauh Su The rhythm of carbon cycle in agricultural ecosystems and its drivers: an application of wavelet analysis abstract poster


    Meeting held on: 2019-09-19