MCSE/CLE Butterfly Survey


In use from 2022-04-01

Butterfly presence and abundance are sampled using transect counts, modified from Pollard (1977). Transect routes are established as appropriate for each site. Observers record butterflies seen within a 5-meter radius on both sides and above them while walking a transect at a slow and steady pace. Species identifications are made visually, using binoculars when needed. Occasionally, identification may require capture with nets, after which the insects are released unharmed. Transects are walked during midday hours (10:00 am−4:00 pm).
Sampling is restricted to relatively calm conditions and times when air temperature exceeds 11°C in sunny weather or 17°C in cloudy weather. LTER treatments T1-T4, T7 were sampled annually starting in 2019, treatments T6 and CLE (not an LTER treatment) were sampled annually starting in 2020



Date modified: Tuesday, Oct 24 2023



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