Resource Gradient Experiment: Fertilizer Treatment Descriptions


In use from 2000-04-01


This study provides a gradient of nitrogen fertilization under rainfed and irrigated conditions. Nitrogen applications range from 0 to 291 kg N/ha . Plots are 5 × 30 m arranged in each of 4 replicate blocks. The crop rotation (wheat, corn, soybean) follows the pattern of the main site.


Three replicates of the fertility gradient are randomized, one replicate has the treatments in order. The treatments are

  1. F1 = 0 kg N/ha

  2. F2 = 34 kg N/ha

  3. F3 = 67 kg N/ha

  4. F4 = 101 kg N/ha

  5. F5 = 134 kg N/ha

  6. F6 = 168 kg N/ha

  7. F7 = 202 kg N/ha

  8. F8 = 246 kg N/ha

  9. F9 = 291 kg N/ha

N fertilizer is applied twice. 34 kg N/ha is applied at planting except to treatment 1 (0 kg N/ha). The additional N is applied as a sidedress treatment.

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    11/16/2023: JSchuette retired protocol because not clear to which stage of the experiment it applies. It does not list different N rates for different crops; see current plot map for current rates at; see archived information for previous management or design at

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