KBS LTER scientist wins photo contest

Photo from the LTER ASM

“It’s fun to work for the l-t-e-r!” photo, winner of the 2012 LTER ASM photo contest. Featured from left to right: Leah Harris (KBS), Baek Soo “Peggy” Lee (AND), Elizabeth Kleynhans (CDR) and Tana Wood (USFS). Photographer/director: Sarah Placella (KBS).

This September, hundreds of LTER scientists from around the world gathered in Estes Park, CO for the 2012 All Scientists Meeting (ASM). Over 750 LTER scientists, staff, and students were in attendance.

ASM wasn’t all work and no play. In addition to the engaging plenary talks and working group sessions, participants took part in fun-filled activities, including trivia and photo contests.

Dr. Sarah Placella, a research associate from the KBS LTER, was the overall winner of the ASM Photo Contest. With the help of KBS LTER graduate student Leah Harris, along with LTER colleagues from sites across the nation, Placella’s photograph at Bible Point overlooking the YMCA in Estes Park leaves you with a smile.

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