Connecting Science to the Public: The KBS-LTER Walking Tour

Cole, S. and J.E. Doll

Presented at the All Scientist Meeting (2011-04-15 to 2011-04-15 )

The LTER Walking Tour is an education/outreach project which seeks to put a friendly, inviting face on the cutting-edge agroecological research being conducted here at KBS. Using illustrations and easy-to-understand descriptions, the KBS-LTER Walking Tour opens up this research site to the general public, including students and teachers who wish to use it as a classroom resource. Visitors will leave the tour more informed about topics like nutrient cycling in agricultural systems, and how farming practices that people support relate to larger issues, such as climate change and biodiversity. Ultimately, the Walking Tour serves as a bridge between the public-at-large and the science, technology and research on which most of society ultimately relies; this task of educating the public becomes increasingly important as ecological, societal, and economic pressures continue to mount.

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