2011 All Scientist Meeting

All Scientist Meeting

The 2011 KBS LTER ASM was organized around the theme of socio-ecological collaborations, after receiving substantial interest in the topic from LTER-associated grad students. Some major elements of the agenda are shown below

  1. Graduate student social event on Thursday evening, April 14th
  2. Project overview and status
  3. Keynote address by Jianguo Liu, Director of the MSU Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability
  4. Working group discussions
  5. Expert panel discussion on socio-ecological collaborations
  6. Poster session: on-going and planned research


  • Bhardwaj, A.K., T. Zenone, J. Chen, S.K. Hamilton, and G.P. Robertson Water dynamics of land use change for bioenergy links to crops, land and agronomy abstract poster
  • Cole, S. and J.E. Doll Connecting Science to the Public: The KBS-LTER Walking Tour abstract poster
  • Dazzo, F.B., J. Liu, G. Tang, C. Gross, C. Reddy, C. Monosmith, G. Zhu, J. Wa... CMEIAS v3.1: Advanced Computational Tools of Image Analysis Software Designed to Strengthen Microscopy-Based Approaches for Understanding Microbial Ecology at Multiple Spatial Scales abstract poster
  • Doll, J.E. and C.N. Layman Perspectives from Michigan farmers on climate change abstract poster
  • Gallagher, M.E., C.A. Masiello, W.C. Hockaday, J.A. Baldock, S.S. Snapp, and ... Variation in the Oxidative Ratio of US Agricultural Ecosystems from 1930 to 2010 abstract poster
  • Haramoto, E.R. and D.C. Brainard Weed emergence and growth in strip-tilled systems: separating the effects of tillage, cover crops, and crop competition abstract poster
  • Jaikumar, N.S. and S.S. Snapp Perennial Cereals: Life History and Photosynthesis abstract
  • Kravchenko, A.N., W. Wang, A. Worth, A.J.M. Smucker, and M.L. Rivers Fractal characterization of the intra-aggregate pore heterogeneity in macro-aggregates from contrasting land use and management treatments abstract poster
  • Lee, Z.M. and T.M. Schmidt Bacterial growth efficiency in soils under different land management. abstract poster
  • Lennon, J.T. Ecological Implications of Microbial Dormancy abstract
  • Ma, S., S.M. Swinton, and F. Lupi Combining Supply and Demand Estimates for Ecosystem Services from Cropland abstract poster
  • Millar,N. and G.P. Robertson Nitrogen Management for Carbon Credit abstract poster
  • Robinson, T.M.P, K.J. La Pierre, M.A. Vadeboncoeur, K.M. Byrne, S.E. Colby, a... Seasonal, not annual precipitation drives community productivity across ecosystems abstract poster
  • Ruan, L. and G.P. Robertson The impacts of N fertilizer management on Greenhouse gas emissions in switchgrass abstract poster
  • Suwa, T., J.T. Lennon, and J.A. Lau Mutualisms in novel environments: ecological and evolutionary implications of herbicide on plant-rhizobia interactions abstract poster
  • Teal, T.K., V. Gomez-Alvarez, and T.M. Schmidt Greenhouse gases and the succession of soil microbial community structure and function during recovery from agriculture abstract poster
  • Walk, S.T. The ex vivo biology of enteric microbes abstract poster
  • Wang, W., A. N. Kravchenko, K. A. Ananyeva, A. Worth, A. J. M. Smucker, H. Ch... How to best utilize synchrotron X-ray computed microtomography imaging for 3D soil aggregates characterization? abstract poster
  • Whyte, K.P., P.B. Thompson, J.V. Stone, L. Busch, and M. List The Social and Ethical Dimensions of Biosensors: A Case Study from Animal Production abstract poster

Meeting held on: 2011-04-15

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