KBS099:Surface Elevation on the Main Cropping System Experiment

Surface elevations were measured on the Main Cropping System Experiment.


KBS099-001 Elevations of MCSE Site via RTK GPS

A field survey of elevation was conducted on the LTER Main Cropping System Experiment on 6 December 2004 during fallow by Don Bullock’s lab (Univ. of Illinois, Champagne/Urbana). Elevation and location coordinates were collected with a 12-channel Leica SR530 real time kinematic (RTK) differential global positioning system (DGPS) receiver. The rover GPS receiver was mounted on a Polaris 500 all terrain vehicle (ATV) traveling at 20-25 km h-1. Every 2 m the rover GPS unit recorded horizontal coordinates in WGS84 and elevation. A light bar was used to maintain a straight transect and to determine the transect separation distance. Only a small number of elevation points were taken in the poplar (T5) and early successional community (T7) treatments because they were not fallow. A detailed grid was collected from all other main site treatments (T1, T2, T3, T4, T6, T8).


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