Elevations of MCSE Site via RTK GPS

A field survey of elevation was conducted on the LTER Main Cropping System Experiment on 6 December 2004 during fallow by Don Bullock’s lab (Univ. of Illinois, Champagne/Urbana). Elevation and location coordinates were collected with a 12-channel Leica SR530 real time kinematic (RTK) differential global positioning system (DGPS) receiver. The rover GPS receiver was mounted on a Polaris 500 all terrain vehicle (ATV) traveling at 20-25 km h-1. Every 2 m the rover GPS unit recorded horizontal coordinates in WGS84 and elevation. A light bar was used to maintain a straight transect and to determine the transect separation distance. Only a small number of elevation points were taken in the poplar (T5) and early successional community (T7) treatments because they were not fallow. A detailed grid was collected from all other main site treatments (T1, T2, T3, T4, T6, T8).

This datatable is part of the Surface Elevation on the Main Cropping System Experiment dataset. Surface elevations were measured on the Main Cropping System Experiment.


Experiment: Research Context
Data available from: December 2004
Dataset: KBS099
Datatable ID: KBS099-001.4
Last Updated 2013-05-16
Variate Description Units
latitude latitude degree
longitude longitude degree
elevation m surface elevation in meters above sea level meter

Data Excerpt

latitude longitude elevation_m
42.40912921111 -85.37268459167 288.51
42.40912636667 -85.37268011944 288.469
42.40911324167 -85.37269721944 287.463
42.40911271111 -85.37267166667 287.479
42.40910387778 -85.37265000278 287.482
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