KBS102:Trace gas movement in the soil profile

The distribution of trace gasses in the soil profile was investigated using tracer and monitoring techniques. This data is part of Iurii Shcherbak thesis work.


KBS102-001 Diffusion of SF6 and N2O Tracers
Concentrations of SF6 and N2O tracer gases over time after injection during summer and fall of 2012. Experiments always started at 10:30-11:00 am on the day indicated. Plots were located in Block 1 of Resource Gradient Experiment with 56 and 74 kg N/ha in rainfed plots and 37 and 93 kg N/ha in irrigated plots designated as T1-T4, respectively.
KBS102-002 Soil Profile Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases
Concentrations of N2O, CH4, and CO2 gases at different depths in soil profiles of three experiments: Monolith Lysimeter (in 2010-2011), Resource Gradient (in 2011), and LTER MCSE (in 2011)


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