Soil Leachate via Suction Lysimeters - Inorganic Nitrogen

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Inorganic nitrogen in soil leachate collected from the Main Cropping System Experiment using suction lysimeters.

This datatable is part of the Nitrogen in Soil Water Chemistry on the Main Cropping System Experiment dataset. Soil water samples are collected every other week during the growing season from mainsite treatments 1-7 (replicates 2-4) and the successional and forest sites using Prenart soil water samplers (sometimes referred to as lysimeters). Three sampling stations are located in each treatment and sometimes are grouped. In this dataset nitrate and ammonium were analyzed. See also the dataset entitled Comprehensive Soil Water Chemistry on the Main Cropping System Experiment which covers a larger set of chemical variables from 1999-2003. Total dissolved nitrogen (TDN)and dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) measurements were also made on on the soil water samplers in 1995 & 1996- database manager for TDN and DON data.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: January 1995 to January 2019
Dataset: KBS031
Datatable ID: KBS021-005.32
Core Areas Inorganic Nutrients,Disturbance
Repository link:
Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
year year the sample was collected
campaign sample campaign
sample date date the lysimeter was evacuated, the flask would be sampled the following date
treatment plot treatment
replicate replicate of the plot sampled
flask flask that was collected
tare flask g tare weight of the flask gram
total wt flask g weight of the flask plus the collected water gram
estimated volume ml estimated volume of water collected ml
pressure indicates if there was pressure in the flask
no3 ppm amount of NO3-N in the sample mg/L
nh4 ppm amount of NH4-N in the sample mg/L
comments any comments about the sample event
crop the crop grown on T1 through T4 (short code)

Data Excerpt

year campaign sample_date treatment replicate flask tare_flask_g total_wt_flask_g estimated_volume_ml pressure no3_ppm nh4_ppm comments crop
2019 Lysimeter N 2019-11-26 T1 R2 2 199.71 363.65 163.94 true 14.38 0.01 TRIAE
2019 Lysimeter N 2019-11-26 T1 R3 2 203.55 367.3 163.75 true 4.42 0.01 Mice! TRIAE
2019 Lysimeter N 2019-11-26 T1 R3 3 199.6 366.71 167.11 true 7.5 0.02 TRIAE
2019 Lysimeter N 2019-11-26 T1 R4 1 206.26 271.97 65.71 true 16.33 0.01 Bailed out water TRIAE
2019 Lysimeter N 2019-11-26 T1 R4 2 206.32 235.53 29.21 false 14.45 0.06 TRIAE
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