2009 All Scientist and GLBRC Sustainability Meeting

May 5-6, 2009

GLBRC Sustainability (Thrust 4) Researchers (from 8:00 am May 5)

The GLBRC retreat began at 8:00 am Tuesday, May 5 and adjourned at noon on Wednesday, May 6. On Tuesday evening there was a joint GLBRCLTER barbecue reception followed by a plenary talk by Steve Pueppke, Director of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station and Office of Biobased Technologies and an evening poster reception. The meeting concluded with a field tour Wednesday morning.

LTER Researchers (from 5:30 pm May 5)

The KBS LTER All Scientist Meeting began with a joint LTER-GLBRC barbecue reception Tuesday, May 5 at 5:30 pm. Following the barbecue there was a plenary talk by MAES Director Steve Pueppke and an evening poster reception. The group adjourned at 5:30 pm Wednesday.

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  • Bhardwaj, A.K., P. Jasrotia, C. Baker, P. Moseley, K. Gross and G.P. Robertson The paradigm of managing grasslands for biofuel feedstock abstract
  • Bhardwaj, A.K., P. Jasrotia, K. Kahmark, S. Bohm, D. Weed, S.K. Hamilton and ... Fueling the biofuel crops: Energy crisis vs. global water challenges abstract
  • Chen, J., T. Zenone, B. Wilske, M. Deal. G.P. Robertson, S.K. Hamilton, P. Ja... CO<sub>2</sub> and H<sub>2</sub>O fluxes and multi-resource use at the scale-up plots of the GLBRC: Eddy-covariance cluster towers and respiration chambers abstract
  • Dazzo, F.B., J. Liu, A. Jain, G. Tang, C. Gross, C. Reddy, C. Monosmith, A. P... CMEIAS&copy; v3.1: Advanced computational tools of image analysis software designed to strengthen microscopy-based approaches for understanding microbial ecology at single-cell resolution abstract
  • Doll, J.E. and D. Pennington Education and outreach: Connecting LTER and GLRBC to society abstract
  • Ederson da Conceição, J., S. Smith, E. Susilawati, Q. Wang, J. Rodrigues, and... Bacterial communities in the rhizosphere of biofuel crops as evaluated by 16S rRNA pyrosequencing abstract
  • Gage, S., W, Joo, E. Kasten, and J. Fox Development of an ecological acoustic sensor observatory abstract
  • Gaines, H.R. and C. Gratton Site selection and landscape analysis in a diverse landscape abstract
  • Gallagher, M.E., W.C. Hockaday, C.A. Masiello, C.P. McSwiney, G.P. Robertson,... Changes in corn biochemistry over a nitrogen fertilization gradient abstract
  • Gao, J., H. Xinmei, K.D. Thelen, and G.P. Robertson Agronomic management system and precipitation effects on soybean oil and fatty acid profiles abstract
  • Gelfand, I. and G.P. Robertson Sustainability of biofuel crops — Total global warming potentials of alternative systems abstract
  • Gelfand, I. and G.P. Robertson Positive feedback between increase of CO<sub>2</sub> concentration in the atmosphere and ecosystem productivity abstract
  • Gelfand, I., K. Kahmark, S. Bohm, P. Jasrotia, and G.P. Robertson Sustainability of the biofuel crops, the trace gases perspective abstract
  • Gentry, L.E. and S.S. Snapp Evaluating compost and cover crops in corn cropping systems with stover harvest abstract
  • Grman, E., J.A. Lau, D.R. Schoolmaster Jr., and K.L. Gross Evidence for compensatory dynamics: Negative species covariances predominate in early and mid-successional old-fields, among but not within plant functional groups abstract
  • Jackson, R.D. and C. Gratton Sustainability of cellulosic biofuel cropping systems: GLBRC and related research in Wisconsin abstract
  • Jasrotia, P, A.K. Bhardwaj, J. Simmons, S. Vanderwulp, G.P. Robertson Biofuel sustainability: How we can fill the field-to-fuel pipeline? abstract
  • Jiang, Y., and S.M. Swinton Spatially explicit bioeconomic modeling of cellulosic biomass production for biofuel in the Great Lakes Region abstract
  • Jolejole, C.B., S.M. Swinton, and F. Lupi Incentives to supply enhanced eosystem services from cropland abstract
  • Joo, W. and S. Gage Use of acoustic recordings for surveying avian species richness and distribution abstract
  • Kinsman, L.E., J. O'Brien, and S.K. Hamilton High total phosphorus concentrations in organic flocculent sediments of shallow freshwater ecosystems abstract
  • Lee, Z. and T.M. Schmidt Impact of agriculture on bacterial growth efficiency abstract
  • Levine, U.Y., G.P. Robertson, and T.M. Schmidt The impact of agriculture on microbial diversity and greenhouse gas fluxes abstract
  • Liang, C., G.R. Sanford, L. Lipps, R. Jackson, T.C. Balser Microbial response to three-year alfalfa and corn monocultures in a southern Wisconsin agroecosystem abstract
  • Lipps, L.A. and T.C. Balser Lipid signatures of soil microbial communities in bioenergy cropping systems abstract
  • McSwiney, C.P., S.S. Snapp, L.E. Gentry, and G.P. Robertson Is N synchrony possible in a rainfed conventional maize agroecosystem? abstract
  • Millar, N., G.P. Robertson, P. Grace, R. Gehl, K. Kahmark, S. Bohm and J. Hoben Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from US row crop agriculture through N fertilizer management abstract
  • Mukherjee, A. and J.-M. Ane Improving the efficiency and sustainability of bio-energy crops through symbiotic associations with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi abstract
  • Quintanilla, M., G. Bird, and G.P. Robertson Nematode community structure of soil from alternative management and natural ecosystems abstract
  • Robertson, B.A. and D. Schemske Arthropod diversity in Midwestern biofuel cropping systems abstract
  • Robinson, T.M.P. and K.L. Gross Altered germination of agricultural weeds in response to precipitation variability abstract
  • Sanford, G.R., C.J. Kucharik, J.L. Posner, and R.D. Jackson Functional characterization of soil C pools under six common Midwestern cropping systems and a restored tallgrass prairie abstract
  • Schramm, J., R. Tinghitella, B. Wilke, and C.W. Anderson Education and outreach efforts in support of sustainable biofuel systems abstract
  • Schrotenboer, A.C. and C.M. Malmstrom Native grasses for biofuel production: Seed sources and pathogen interactions abstract
  • Sinistore, J. and D. Reinemann LCS modeling platform for biofuels sustainability assessment abstract
  • Smith, L.C., J. Posner, J. Hedtcke, T. Balser, and R. Jackson Nitrogen conservation in perennial grass biofuel cropping systems abstract
  • Teal, T.K., V. Gomez-Alvarez, and T.M. Schmidt Genomics of soil microbial communities associated with agricultural and native sites abstract
  • Tinghitella, R.M., B. Wilke, J. Schramm, and C.W. Anderson Pathways to ecological literacy: A math science partnership at W.K. Kellogg Biological Station abstract
  • Wickings, K. and A.S. Grandy Feeding by the oribatid mite <em>Schelorbates</em> alters microbial activity and carbon cycling abstract
  • Wickings, K.G. and A.S. Grandy Seasonal abundance and activity of microbes and mesofauna over a disturbance gradient in a Michigan agroecosystem abstract
  • Wickings, K.G. and A.S. Grandy The effects of nitrogen fertilization on decomposition dynamics in no-till ecosystems abstract
  • Wilke, B. and S. Snapp Agroecosystem management influence on biological nitrogen fixation by legume cover crops abstract

Meeting held on: 2009-05-05

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