KBS020:Agronomic Yields in Row Crop Agriculture

This data set contains information about agronomic yields for the Main Cropping System Experiment which include treatments 1-4 (corn – wheat – soybean rotations) and after 1994 treatment 6 (alfalfa). Agronomic yields are measured during normal crop harvest; yields are determined by machine harvesters appropriate to each crop as described in the Agronomic protocol.


KBS020-001 Agronomic Yields - Annual Crops
Annual crop harvest data for corn, soy, and wheat from the Main Cropping System Experiment at the LTER Main Site as collected with commercial-sized equipment. Prior to 2017, the yield was reported from the east half of the plot. In 2017 the protocol was changed to report the yield for the whole plot. Praire strips were installed in 2019 in T3 and T4. We started reporting the crop yield as well as the economic yield which we define as the yield divided by the total plot area including the prairie strips. The prairie strips are 15 feet wide and the plots are nominally 300 feet (100 meters) wide.
KBS020-003 Agronomic Yields - Alfalfa
Yields from the alfalfa (treatment 6) harvests of the Main Cropping System Experiment at the LTER Main Site.
KBS020-004 Agronomic Yields - Weed and Fertilizer Microplots
Annual crop harvest data of corn, soy and wheat in Weed and Fertilized Microplots in Treatments 3 and 4 of the Main Cropping System Experiment at the LTER Main Site. Microplots were established to determine the effect of normal weed control and fertilization practices and the response to removing weed and nutrient limitations from the plots.
KBS020-005 Agronomic Yields -- Wheat Straw
Wheat straw is harvested and baled and weighed in the years when wheat is grown on the site. The whole plot is baled as one instead of being split into east and west sections as is done for the grain harvest.
KBS020-006 Agronomic Yields from the Swtichgrass Treatment
The T6 treatment was converted to switchgrass in 2018?. This table contains the annual crop yields from T6. Biomass is reported on a dry weight basis. There are two subplots 'unfertilized microplot' and 'fertilized sample area' established on the north end of each plot. The moisture content on the microplots is determined at the time of harvest by taking a grab sample and drying it, while the moisture content for the main plots is determined when the switchgrass is baled (ie. after several days of drying in the field).


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