KBS020:Agronomic Yields of Row Crops

This dataset contains the agronomic yields of row crop treatments of the Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE) at the LTER Main Site and includes corn––soybean–winter wheat rotations (T1-T4), managed differently since 1989, and alfalfa (T6, 1994-2017) which was converted to switchgrass (T6) in 2019. Agronomic yields are measured during normal crop harvest using machine harvesters appropriate to each crop as detailed in the KBS Aglog.


KBS020-001 Agronomic Yields of Annual Crops

Agronomic yields of MCSE corn-soybean-winter wheat rotations (T1-T4), managed differently, and harvested with commercial-sized farming equipment. Prior to 2017, yields were recorded for the east half of the plot only; since 2017, yields are from the whole plot. Note that yields are reported at standard moisture and need to be converted if dry mass units are needed.

In 2019, prairie strips (15’ x 300’) were established down the center of all T3 and T4 plots. We report yields in two ways to capture the economic yield: one based on the crop area harvested (crop only) and one based on the whole plot area which includes prairie strips in T3 and T4.

KBS020-003 Agronomic Yields of Alfalfa

Dry matter yields from machine harvests of the MCSE Alfalfa treatment (T6). Note some years have multiple harvests per year and some years are missing due to management as a 5- to 6-year rotation with winter wheat as a 1-year break crop

KBS020-005 Agronomic Yields of Wheat Straw

Dry matter wheat straw yields for entire plots of MCSE Treatments 1 and 2 when wheat is grown in rotation. Since 2004, wheat straw is harvested, baled and weighed in T1 and T2 plots using commercial-sized farming equipment; it is chopped back into T3 and T4 plots. Before 2004, it was baled and removed from all treatments.

KBS020-006 Agronomic Yields of Swtichgrass

Dry matter yields of the MCSE Switchgrass (T6) treatment, planted in 2019 after a fallow year following conversion from alfalfa.

Also included are yields from two subplots (located on the north end of main plot) to examine the effects of no fertilizer (’unfertilized microplot’ vs ‘fertilized sample area’) on switchgrass yields. The moisture content of microplot harvests is determined at the time of harvest by taking grab samples and drying; the moisture content of main plot harvests is determined at the time of baling (ie. after several days of drying in the field).


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