Soil Moisture - Gravimetric

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Soil moisture measurements from the GLBRC Intensive site.

This datatable is part of the KBS GLBRC soil properties dataset. Soil property measurements from the surface soils of the intensive experiment


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: June 2008 to December 2019
Dataset: KBS078
Datatable ID: KBS078-002.98
Core Areas Inorganic Nutrients,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
sample date date the sample was taken
treatment treatment sampled
replicate replicate sampled
main or microplot sub plot sampled
depth depth increment sampled in cm centimeter
moisture measured soil moisture %

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Data Excerpt

sample_date treatment replicate main_or_microplot depth moisture
2020-12-02 G1 R1 stover non-removal microplot 0 to 25 14.829
2020-12-02 G1 R2 stover non-removal microplot 0 to 25 15.7029
2020-12-02 G1 R3 stover non-removal microplot 0 to 25 16.8406
2020-12-02 G1 R4 stover non-removal microplot 0 to 25 18.8815
2020-12-02 G1 R5 stover non-removal microplot 0 to 25 16.8457
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