Soil Bulk Density by Depth - Deep Cores — Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)

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Soil bulk density of deep core soil samples collected from the LTER Main Site and Successional and Forest sites, organized by treatment, replicate and depth. Bulk densities are calculated by obtaining the volume from the diameter of the core and the length of the horizon.

In 2001 we used the RS60 liners which had are 6 cm in diameter. In 2010 and later we used the DT45 liners which are 7.62 cm in diameter. The difference in diameters might have caused different amounts of compression in the tube.

This datatable is part of the Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Deep Core Surveys dataset.

An LTER project goal is to periodically collect and analyze deep soil cores for the main site treatments and successional and forest sites. Soil is sampled to a depth of one meter, and analyzed for horizon depths, texture, moisture, and carbon and nitrogen content.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: January 2001 to January 2022
Dataset: KBS044
Datatable ID: KBS044-002.66
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Last Updated 2024-01-09
Variate Description Units
year sample year
treatment treatment that was sampled
replicate replicate plot that was sampled
station station within the plot that was sampled
core core identifier for the station (generally two cores were taken per station)
section horizon section (cores were divided into surface, middle and deep sections pre 2013 and by depth in 2013)
horizon length length of the horizon sampled
core volume cm3 core volume of the section cm^3
gravel free bulk density bulk density of the gravel free portion of the soil (gravel >4 mm removed)
total bulk density bulk density (including any gravel)
gravel weight g
comments any observations relating to this core

Data Excerpt

year treatment replicate station core section horizon_length core_volume_cm3 gravel_free_bulk_density total_bulk_density gravel_weight_g comments
2022 TSF R3 S5 2 50-100cm 50.0 2280.18 1.57 1.66 198.74
2022 TSF R3 S5 2 25-50cm 25.0 1140.09 1.46 1.67 236.23
2022 TSF R3 S5 2 10-25cm 15.0 684.06 1.37 1.51 93.81
2022 TSF R3 S5 2 0-10cm 10.0 456.04 0.92 0.95 14.44
2022 TSF R3 S5 1 50-100cm 50.0 2280.18 1.6 1.63 65.54
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