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Usage of GPS systems at KBS for official LTER surveys normally follows a written protocol. This log is a repository for comments on the use of a protocol, and any other notes that seem relevant for the interpretation of the resulting data.


This datatable is part of the KBS LTER Global Positioning System Data dataset.

The KBS LTER uses submeter accuracy GPS to record many locations such as plot corners, gas flux chamber, leaf litter trap locations, soil water samplers (lysimeter), etc.


Experiment: Research Context
Data available from: May 2002 to September 2006
Dataset: KBS039
Datatable ID: KBS039-001.38
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/12f552a1a21f72e7bc64abdfd684017a
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Data Excerpt

obs_date obsnumber author observation
2002-05-07 1 Tim Bergsma This log was created today (5-7-2002) as a general place to store comments related to the use and managment of the LTER GPS systems.
2002-06-18 1 Julie Golod This was the first time collecting locations on the main site with the new GPS TSCE unit. This was a trial run of how this unit works. Real time corrections were used for all points collected. Locations of various plot corners , sampling stations, and gas flux boxes were logged and stored in file t061802LTER.
2002-06-20 1 Julie Golod I used GPS TSCe unit to log location of various features using real time corrections. This was the first time logging coordinates for sampling stations and plot corners for T1R5,T2R2,T2R1,T2R3,T2R5,T3R4,T3R5,T4R5,T7R5 (not loggedlocation for NE plot corner), T5R5 (not logged location for sw,nw plot corners).
2002-06-21 1 julie golod I used GPS unit to collect sampling stations and plot corners for T1R1,T2R4. A separate file was created for each one .
2002-07-01 1 julie golod I used DGPS (real time Omnistar corrections) to collect locations of sampling stations for T3R6 on LTER main site.
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